Sports competitions for a bodybuilder is best opportunity to check his achievements.

The competition provides a great incentive to work harder, but success in the competition is a source of great satisfaction. In this article I’ll talk about the most important events in my life.

The first is the Junior Championships, which for the first time I participated at the age of 18 years old, so three years after I start to train. Junior Championships is a competition designed for athletes under 20 yars old. For young athletes it is a very important event, because there compete all those who see their future in bodybuilding. Although I did not end on the podium during this event, I got to the finals and I was in the top ten best young athletes in Poland.


The second contest, which I consider the most important in my sporting career was a national bodybuilding contest in year 2014. During this competition I also did not win, but this time I end on fifth place. However, I consider it to be one of my biggest successes, because the competed shortly after my very serious injury. I decided to put up a fight, despite the fact that many people have advised me not to participate in the competition.

I decided to tell about this competition, because I want to show all young bodybuilders that not winning a medal does not always mean a failure. The success may be a will to fight, a faith in your own abilities, and to break your scruples.