Testosterone boosters

Among the dietary supplements used for bodybuilding we have to mention also about testosterone boosters. These types of products enhance secretion of testosterone, which is a very potent anabolic-androgenic hormone. There are several types of boosters, but in my opinion, only SARM deserves special attention.


SARM is an abbreviation of the name of selective androgen receptor modulators. The non-steroidal compounds which are characterized by separation of anabolic and androgenic effect.

Ligands nncluded in the SARM are capable of selectively stimulating androgen receptors. Testosterone boosters like SARM effectively accelerate recovery and provide a better rate of increase in muscle mass. At the same time they have a very good effect on human bones. Used in proper doses do not cause any side effects, and therefore you do not need to fear such a bad mood or deterioration of libido.

From my own experience I know that the use of SARMs allows rapid improvement of athletic performance and to develop excellent shape. Of course, with such products must be coupled with appropriate workouts and proper diet, without which it is impossible to achieve any satisfactory results in bodybuilding.

At this point I would like to note, however, that the SARM testosterone boosters were designed and developed primarily for experienced athletes. The other may, indeed, use it, but they should do so under control. It is associated with a very strong action of SARM.