Training frequency

One of the questions that people are the most interested in bodybuilding is the optimum frequency of workouts. Not everyone agrees how often you should train in order to achieve the best possible results. Most, however, it is recommended to practice two or three times a week.


Supporters of the first option pay attention to the test results, according to which full regeneration of muscle takes place after 48 hours. Longer intervals between workouts may therefore miss the effects of earlier achievements. This does not mean, however, that within a week held three training sessions, during which you are working on all areas of the body. Frequently we train six times, breaking exercises so that each batch of trained muscles three times. I am a supporter of such a solution and for years I train with just such a frequency.


The second possibility is two workouts per week. Supporter of this solution is, among other things, Joe Weider. The system enables the distribution of the training exercises in such a way that at 4-6 workouts a month each muscle group are also trained just twice. At this point, I would like to underline that this variant training is the most popular.


Unfortunately, we can not say that any frequency of training is optimal for everyone. Take into account both methods of training, as well as genetics. Beginning bodybuilders should consult an experienced trainer to get along with him to determine for themselves the proper frequency of workouts.